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MU Cycle Week 8

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Fathom CrossFit - GymnasticsGYMNASTICSWarm-up (No Measure)A) WARM-UP: 3 Rounds: 30s/30s Wrist Stretch 30s/30s PVC IR Shoulder Stretch 30s/30s PVC ER Shoulder Stretch 30s Wall Facing HS Hold B1) SKILL: Banded 2nd Pull Transition: 10x3 (30-60s rest) B2) SKILL: Russian Dips: 10x3 (30-60s rest) C1) MIDLINE STRENGTH: OTM-7: 30s Weighted Hollow…

Surf’s Up!

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Fathom CrossFit - CrossFitWORKOUT OF THE DAYA: Metcon (No Measure)OTM-8: ODD: ME HS Walk EVEN: 20s L-Sit- Scaling: HS Walk: balancing or shifting weight against the wall/on a box L-Sit: one or both knees bentB: Metcon (No Measure)OTM-20: M1: 100m Slow Jog M2: 5 High Box Jumps (30/24”+) M3: 10…